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OOC Contact

Jan. 13th, 2015 | 11:04 pm
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Name: Mattie
E-mail: nanashi_fox@yahoo.com
AIM: nanashifox
Personal LJ: nanashi_jones

Here are all the ways to wrangle me in times of internet need. I also respond to comments. :)
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OOC Character Crits Post

Jan. 12th, 2015 | 11:09 pm
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We're not all perfect, we can't all be all right all the time (though Toph probably thinks she is), so if you're having a problem with my portrayal of the Blind Bandit, here's where you can share your thoughts. All I ask is for an ounce of civility. Okay, two ounces, but that's only because Mom was big on manners.

Comments will be screened and other nice things made so you can talk to me in "private."
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OOC Personality

Jan. 11th, 2015 | 04:01 pm
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Toph Bei Fong, for all her bravado and smart-aleckness, is a complex character.

She presents herself with an easygoing, unshakable confidence despite her obvious blindness, which she is also quick to point out to those who haven't noticed. She rolls with the punches and is always ready to react to any situation be it with a decisive earthbending technique or cutting remark, she is not a person easily caught off-guard. Toph is also possessed of a keen intellect and sharp perceptions that reinforce her clever mind, making her a terror in a fight as she is more than another dumb musclebender. Often, because of her blindness, she can see situations and people in ways that others may be oblivious to giving her an edge in understanding the world.

In addition to her strength of character and convictions, Toph is also as stubborn as a lodged boulder. When backed into a corner emotionally, she will lash out angrily, firing cutting remarks with all the accuracy of a well-aimed rock. In an effort to avoid topics tender to her, she'll adapt a nonchalant attitude, deflecting personal problems as she is just fine, thanks, can we get off the subject? Fortunately for her and others, she does not shore up in such emotional places for long and when calm and thinking from a practical position will apologize and seek to get past tough places.

Beneath all these hot and hard masks Toph is softer and more conflicted about who she is, and will admit to her own insecurities and worries, but only with truly trusted friends in trusted moments. These moments are rare as Toph is fiercely independent. Born mostly out of her blindness, she always is working to present herself as constantly capable and without need, often at the expense of others looking simply to include her in activities. Once this initial hurdle is overcame, Toph usually relaxes and sees the friendship for what it is and will fight to hold onto it. Even as far as showing that she is not as confident as she puts on.

All these facets in mind, at her core, Toph is a fighter. Eager to fight with her opponents, arguing good-naturedly with friends, struggling with a new earthbending technique or simply struggling to assure herself that she isn't weak, Toph is all about growth through bruises. With any luck, she won't give too many to her friends.

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OOC Canon Info

Jan. 10th, 2015 | 04:28 pm
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The Story of Toph (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Rock the Boulder)

Long History is LONGCollapse )

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Runaway Walking

Nov. 11th, 2008 | 09:49 pm
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[beep as Lightweight's recording device clicks on]

I can hear the beep, but next time, just tap my shoulder. It's more reassuring than having you... Glow or buzz or whatever around my head.

[beep of confirmation]

Sweet. Anyway. I'm taking a few minutes here because... I need to think about this and it doesn't seem there's anyone else here to think about it to. My bending's off. I couldn't tell at first, but now, after really stretching, something's wrong.

It's like someone's cutting me mid-strike even though I'm doing the full movements. Everything takes a little more effort. It's like when I was a kid and just getting my wind.


I've been told there are these light bulb things in the air high up and that could be it. All these people are telling me what they see, but I just feel this buzzing, like when Iroh did that firebending technique with lightning for us. It's smaller, more... Compact, yeah, but different too. Stronger in a way.

I dunno. Right now, I just know my game's off. Hasn't hurt my skills- just really taken out how much I can do. Maybe this is what Katara meant when that Ty Lee girl hit her chakra points. Maybe these light bulbs are messing with mine.


Or not.

Gaaah! Where's Sokka when I need him? This is more his thing anyway.

Guess I'll just have to go back to doing rock squats if I want to get back to my norm.

Rebel Bandit Runaway- signing out.

[soft beep as Lightweight powers down its recorder]
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OOC First and Third Person Samples

Oct. 25th, 2008 | 12:50 am
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Third Person

Maybe it would be different if she saw in the normal way, but Toph wouldn't know. What she did know was that she was no longer on the open plains outside the Fire Nation palace.

Gazing with her feet she saw lots of dirt. No really, LOTS of dirt. For the first time in her life she felt like she was seeing as clearly as if everything were made from the very ground itself. It was all so weirdly still though...

Then it all snapped and the hairs on the back of Toph's neck went up as the city came alive around her. A sharp pain at the base of her skull made Toph wince, rubbing her nape. As the throbbing went away, she realized could feel them- every one of them. People. They were covered in that same telltale dirt as the rest of this place. Moving and bustling around her as she stood near... A water fountain? Sure felt like one. It was the only not-as-dirty thing here.

Despite all this information clamoring for her feet's attention what really caught Toph's big toe was how she could tell she was in an underground chasm, but couldn't sense the roof of it. No matter how hard she pushed herself, her awareness just scraped the walls. She'd never been blind in a cave before. Ever. This was something else.

Turning her head, she listened and found she was picking up on a strange background buzz. It was similar to the machinery she'd encountered in the Fire Nation, but smaller and seemed to crackle everywhere with really small... Lightning?!

She felt something buzz near her head and softly bump against her like a cat.

"Huh?" Reaching out carefully she found the space the buzzing thing occupied and gently touched a part of it. Judging by how it rocked affectionately against her hand, she decided it was the face. Running practiced fingers over the... Whatever it was, Toph built her mental image of two large eyes, a round head with small mounds for ears attached to a small, segmented body. The segmented body had wings. And all of this was made of metal.


As she inspected the thing, it seemed to buzz a purr at Toph who could only raise her eyebrow.

"Well, you're definitely winning my weird thing of the day award," she muttered. "What're you supposed to be anyway?"

The thing flew a little away from her then down, judging by the sound of its wings. Toph squatted, following the noise, which stopped on something her foot had registered before, but held little interest to Toph: a book.

Toph cracked a smile, used to this conversation. "Look, don't know if you can tell, but I'm blind, so the book's not gonna do much for me."

The critter was insistent though and Toph finally picked up the book only to have it give her a surprising shock! The electricity didn't hurt though and Toph discovered she didn't drop the leather-bound thing either. Instead, she heard pages pop open and flutter of their own accord. After a moment, the pages stopped and her buzzing friend flew to just by her shoulder.

As she blinked in slight amazement at what was going on, a tinny little voice came from the buzzing bits of her friend.

"Welcome to Marillian Spyre. All newcomers are encouraged to get acquainted with their golems and learn their identification numbers. It is advisable that you find somewhere to stay as soon as possible, and you will find a sum of four hundred credits in your new bank account. Have a good day."

Toph blinked. Looked like it was gonna be an interesting day after all.

"Golem? I take it you're my golem?" she said to the metal critter.

It bumped against her again, rubbing it's head in the affirmative.

"So. Guess I need to learn your i-den-ti-fi-cation number, huh?"

There was a squawk and the same tinny little voice came from it again. "Three-two-six-seven-five-zero," the golem chirped.

An impressed expression settled on Toph's face. "Neat trick you got there," she said, a little unnerved by the mechanical voice. Its tones rang in her ear a bit harshly. "Look, could you not forget that for me? I can't exactly write anything down."

The golem buzzed past her and down to the open book in her hands and she felt its weight transfer slightly to the pages as it did something complicated with its segmented end. When it was finished, Toph ran curious fingers delicately across the page. She could feel the rough and complicated lines of text at the top, then toward the bottom was a different sensation of ink altogether.

Smiling, Toph said, "Hey, you're pretty handy. Got a name?"

The golem made a noise that struck the girl in the negative.

"All right... How about... The Pebble?"

The golem brrzzted! at that.

Toph chuckled. "Kay, kay, couldn't resist. Man, this is more Sokka's thing... Mind if I call you Lightweight?"

A noncommittal buzz of consideration followed before "Lightweight" bumped affectionately against Toph again.

"Heh. All right. Lightweight it is. Got any other tricks I should know about Lightweight?"

A soft beep came from within Lightweight's belly and the tinny voice said, "Recording."

(First Person)

[Lightweight's recording device clicks on.]

"Recording? Like, copying what I say?"

[Lightweight rubs against Toph with a nod.]

"Sweet. So, uh, yeah. [cough] I sound good? Hey, this is Toph Bei Fong, the illustrious Rebel Bandit Runaway and I'm, uh, I'm here in a reeeeeeally big cave called Marillian Spyre or something. Don't really know how I got here, but I've got this little golem thing, Lightweight showing me around, so I guess I'll figure the rest out myself. [She scoots her foot mildly around in the dirt.] I can't feel Sokka, Aang or Katara though. That's gonna be a problem. Nothing feels the same though, so maybe they aren't here. I'll have to check around a bit. Definitely going to check out this bank and see who left me some money.

"I'll be using Lightweight here to keep track of my exploits. She's pretty cool so far. Sokka's gonna be jealous if he ever finds out I got a sweet toy first.

"Till next time, Toph out."[Lightweight ends the session.]

Lightweight beeped and hovered near Toph's head.

"C'mon girl," Toph said snapping the book shut and stuffing it in her belt. "Let's pick up my credits, get a bite to eat and see what's going on."

Turning to the mass of people going nearby, Toph slid easily into traffic and disappeared into the depths of Marillian Spyre.

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